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  • AI scoring settings

    for brokers to receive exact best converting leads

  • Strong anti-fraud system

    to focus only on valid and promising leads

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How does it work?

We score and rate each lead with more than 25 attributes plus affilate trading history. We use in-house and third party scoring data bases

Email score

We use hudreads of databases to verify the emails. We use the profile verification system to confirm identity: we check all social networks linked to this email and check the date of address creation and the real username. All of this helps us identify the fraud. We do not use any outdated databases in email score.

Proxy score

Our proxy scoring module determines the probability of IP address spoofing. We determine the true location of the user and inspect ISPs to identify suspicious connections, thus the level of risk is calculated. We identify connections through private networks, the TOR browser, and suspicious data centers. Ping IP addresses open ports to get accurate results on proxy usage, detect malicious bots, including brute-force attackers and hijacked netblocks.

Fraud score

Fraud score is a general indicator of the quality of the lead. It combines email score and proxy score.

We use the same scoring databases and technologies as top banking, renting and airways companies like

No charges
for invalid leads

We work closely with brokers CRM systems. We know status of every lead and guarantee - if client notifies invalid leads - we exclude it from charge

Our own,
certified traffic

no fraud, no bots, no motive

We provide brokers with our own traffic generated by in-house traffic-managers

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